Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Some of Siles' Scratch projects

  1. The Golden Troll (Phosphorous version)
  2. TickTock (BETA) (Horror Game)(Phosphorous version)
  3. this is a joke.(Phosphorous version)
  4. FLAPPING IN THE 90'S(Phosphorous version)
  5. FLAPPING INTENSELY(Phosphorous version)
  6. what chrome's dreams look like(Phosphorous version)
  7. The Return of Kokimi(Phosphorous version)
  8. F0RGET meme(Phosphorous version)
  9. Ceremonial Wyatt Dance?(Phosphorous version)
  10. Elevator(Phosphorous version)

i have a few scratch projects i'd like to share.
just a quick explanation of what "phosphorus" is, it's just something that runs scratch projects using javascript where you don't have to have flash installed. just be warned, though, because project numbers 4, 3, and especially 1 and 8 don't work very well on phosphorus. well, anyway, enjoy these good things i made.

Thursday, June 29, 2017